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Vector Racing embodies the principles of a racing game on paper that requires reflection and help you better understand the vector principle... it is not necessary to understand these to play the game, and Vector Racing does not require any specific knowledge.

The game is a turn-based version of a real car race. The goal is to reach the finish line as fast as possible without going off the track, and you will need to control your speed as well as your braking.

Content of the current version:
- 8 tracks
- A solo race mode as well as local and online multiplayer
- A function to review your races
- A tutorial
- A garage with 3 different vehicles and several colors
- An online chat
- And so much more to discover

- English
- French

Coming soon:
- Many tracks in preparation
- A time trial game mode as well as endless
- A campaign mode with many objectives

Send us by mail:
- Your ideas
- The bugs and translation errors you found
- Messages to discuss with us

The Vector Racing game also exists under the name Paper Racing. It is made with Unity 3D game engine.

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